Monday, February 3, 2014

Solar Rebates & Incentives

Solar Rebates and Incentives
   One of the upfront advantages of Solar Power is the variety of Rebates and Incentives available.  It is amazing that you can receive power from an unlimited source, with virtually maintenance free systems and than in addition receive money back for making the choice.  Living Green was never better, easier or more cost effective.
Federal Rebates and Incentives
          Receive a 30% Federal personal investment tax credit for installations of Solar Water Heat, Photovoltaic’s and other Solar-Electric Technologies.  Right now the Federal policies provide for a variety of rebates, incentives and credits based on the solar systems installed.  Any reputable solar installation company will be well informed of these options and how to help you maximize the return for your investment. 
Arizona State Rebates and Incentives
            Many States have created tax credit and rebate programs encouraging homeowners to switch to solar energy options.  Arizona has quite a lucrative personal tax credit at 25% for residential Passive Solar Photovoltaic, and Solar Cooling and Solar Pool Heating options.  The best solar installation companies in the state are not only aware of all rebate options but are also prepared to work with the resident with financing alternatives that take into consideration rebates available, ensuring the best pricing and financing selections available. 
Arizona Local Utility Rebates and Incentives
            Depending on your location and the utility company you are associated with there are a variety of rebates and incentives available.  We have provided the basic links to explore this information for your own information below.  However knowledge of this is not required if you take the time to locate a quality company who has made it their business to take care of their customers and save them money as they make the  move to go green and install residential solar systems.

Arizona Utility Company Rebates and Incentives: APS, SRP, & TEP

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Residential Solar Maintenance

Residential Solar Maintenance
          Whenever anything is installed on your home, a primary concern to take into consideration is the type and costs of maintenance required to keep it in top working condition.  Residential Solar is no exception; this is the source of power and comfort in your home so its maintenance is of a highest concern.

General and Routine Solar Maintenance
            Residential Solar Systems are the most maintenance free systems you will ever install in your home.  Basically keeping them clean will keep them in prime working condition providing power to your home with an uninterrupted flow of clean quiet energy.  It is generally best to have a technician familiar with solar systems do the routine bi-annual cleaning, although it can be a do it yourself option if you are so inclined.  Remember when there are major dust storms as Arizona can be prone to, especially in the Valley regions; you may want to consider additional cleaning maintenance to keep your system in tip top operating condition.

Long Term Solar Maintenance
            Aside from basic cleaning, the primary maintenance functions require checks on the system to ensure it is continuing to put out steady energy.  Any fluctuations or variations are the best indicators that there may be something amiss with your system.  These variations usually are not obvious to the untrained eye and have no real impact on your home and how well it functions.  Having a technician make routine checks on the efficiency and flow will ensure that any issues are identified early and help keep repair costs low. 
Major Solar Repairs and Maintenance
            As with any system there can always be the possibility of major repairs.  A general rule with solar energy systems whether residential or industrial is that the major repairs are not very common.  The solar systems are self contained and simple and so long as cleanliness is maintained the need for major repairs outside of other catastrophic events is very rare.  In the event of repairs of this nature, your representative will be able to tell you if it is best to repair or replace as needed.  These are always important topics to discuss in addition to your warranty when you are selecting the best solar installation company for you.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Letter to new Solar Owners

How sure are you that your solar electric company has the
highest quality install in mind for you?

At Solar Assurance we are protecting your solar investment!!

By Arizona contractors standard, contractors are liable for their work a short 2 years after they have installed your system. Problems that can occur normally will happen after the 2 year obligation especially if the initial install is not of the highest quality.

Solar Assurance will perform a detailed quality inspection for you and provide a full detailed report of your results including pictures. This report can then be given to your installer with the corrections needed to your system if any.

I know your solar investment is a huge cost, if it is installed with the highest quality then you will receive the maximum lifetime production of your system!

We appreciate your time in considering us for your solar quality inspection needs. We look forward to hearing from you soon.


Travis Welton
Owner of Solar Assurance
Office: 520-393-8981
Cell: 480-234-3109

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Contact Solar Assurance

The journey of starting Solar assurance has been a positive adventure!!
We are proud to provide quality services in the solar industry.

Starting with Quality Inspections to offer solar owners a way to protect their investment at an affordable price. We offer discounts to those that follow us on social networks (and here). :)

Also providing education/consulting. Consulting those that would like to get hands on with their own Solar System process of managing their own process saving Thousands of dollars on their system. We help you with the permiting process, buying process, contracting out electrical process, and even the rebate process.

In addition setting your up with your solar system. We will do all the dirty work and an affordable price ensuring you get quality work at every step. Our affordable prices will allow you to have your system pay for it self years before other companies offer.

Contact us and follow us on the following:

Increase Home Value - Add Solar today

It is proven that Solar not only saves you money daily but it also increase your property value as well. With current rebates offered in the state of Arizona you will not want to MISS this opportunity.

Add solar before the end of 2011 and benefit on your 2011 taxes.

Contact us for a high quality solar install at a cost affordable price.

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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Little About My Experience in the Solar Industry

I started working in the solar industry back in 2005. When I started there were roughly a dozen solar companies in the state of Arizona. In 2008, the federal government passed the Renewable Energy Tax Credit giving any home owner a tax credit of 30% their renewable energy system install. At the end of 2008 there were an estimated 300 solar companies in just the Phoenix metro area. This was a huge spike for the solar industry. Unfortunately most of these new companies were not educated and experienced in solar technology but did have the proper electrical licences to install solar. I have not seen much change in the quality of the solar installers since this spike back in 2008. For this reason I have moved forward with Solar Assurance to help bring my solar expertise and experience to help the solar industry.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Solar PV Rebates in Arizona

There are many rebates available to residences in Arizona who install photovoltaic systems on their homes. Here in Arizona you will get a $1,000 tax credit when you purchase solar for your home. In addition to the $1,000 tax credit, you can also get  30% the cost of your system as a federal tax credit. There are also instant tax rebates from your local utilities. Here are the current incentive rates from the big three.

APS         $1.00 per watt DC installed
TEP         $2.00 per watt DC installed
SRP         $1.35 per watt DC installed

Check for more rebate information. After you check it out, contact your local solar pv installer to move forward with solarizing your home, and then contact solar assurance at to make sure that your system is installed with the highest quality.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

What is Quality in the Solar Industry?

Quality Assurance is a measure of excellence created by a manufacturer that should be followed when that equipment makes it to an install site. Costumers of the solar industry have a perception that solar is a clean energy. When an install is complete the customer relates that "clean" mentality to the quality of the install.  A good quality solar install should reflect uniformity & cleanliness with the output that is expected of the system.